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It's not where you're born, it's where you belong...

Twelve years ago, Jenna Hamilton and Quinn MacGregor spent a romantic week together then did “the right thing,” and put an ocean between them. Now the untimely death of Jenna’s best friend, Maddie, re-unites them in Scotland, resurrecting desires long ago buried—but not dead.


Much to her surprise, Jenna is Maddie’s sole beneficiary of a 17th century manor house, 900 acres of unspoiled Highland beauty and a whiskey distillery. Offering $16 million, a developer wants the property for a hotel and hunting park, something animal-loving Jenna can’t abide. Preventing the development seems easy until she needs $3.8 million to pay the death taxes. But that problem might not be hers if Maddie’s greedy stepchildren can prove Maddie was NOT “of sound mind,” thus voiding her will and claiming the property for themselves. Ironically, Maddie may provide the evidence they need—her last request is for Jenna to execute a transmutation spell during the upcoming solar eclipse to reincarnate Maddie as a horse!


Complicating everything are Jenna’s feelings for Quinn and his for her. But Quinn is a Scottish Marquess with lots of blue-blood and no greenbacks who, in the tradition of British aristocracy (and Downton Abbey), does what any handsome and charming lord with a title and castle would do—he marries for money. But there’s more to Quinn than meets the eye. Jenna, however, can’t see beyond appearances until the wreck of the Night Scotsman shatters Quinn’s perfect veneer and reveals the man Jenna never forgot.

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